The Entrepreneurial Operating System®, developed by Gino Wickman and explained in his book, Traction®: Get a Grip on Your Business, addresses the five most common business frustrations faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners:

Lack of control over their time, the market and their company.

People—employees, customers, vendors—who don’t seem to listen, understand or follow through with their actions.

Profit—There’s not enough.

The ceiling where growth stops and nothing seems to break through to the next level.

Nothing’s working. They’ve tried various strategies and quick-fix remedies to the point where employees are numb to new initiatives.

Gino Wickman developed EOS® for entrepreneurs and small business owners with sales between $2 million and $50 million and 10 to 250 employees.

By installing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in their company, business leaders learn to laser focus vision on their core values, build a culture of credibility and develop a healthy senior management team.

The average amount of time for companies to gain traction® is about 18 months. At the end, business leaders emerge feeling more in control, happier and less stressed. Their employees are happier, too. And, most companies who use this system often see profit increases of 10 percent or more.

For more information about Entrepreneurial Operating System® and how to get a free copy of the book Traction®, email Will Crist at willcrist@globalmarc.com or telephone 949.355.6013.


Santa Ana, California-based Will Crist is an EOS Implementer™, a 15-year veteran in the Sandler training network, and Vice President for Sales at Sandler Training by BMC, having helped thousands of business professionals solve their problems and create thriving businesses. He also has interviewed over 300 business leaders on his radio podcast “Pilgrim Talks” on OCTalkRadio.net.

Basically, too many business leaders are spinning their wheels. They need traction to start moving again. EOS® teaches how to gain that traction. Will guides people through the process of implementing EOS® in their businesses.

This is no silver bullet. It’s not a quick fix or a lazy man’s way to riches. EOS® requires dedication and hard work. What I do is help companies remove the obstacles that limit them and prevent them from thriving so they will blossom. The result is greater productivity and an improved life-cycle for everyone in the company from senior management on down.


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